Help about the home page

This page describes the home page content and how to acces the website resources.

Home page description

  1. Information page about Hepatitis B Virus genome.
  2. Nomenclature: information about different genotypes, about the reference genomes.
  3. Information about HBV proteins.
  4. Precomputed dataset of HBV nucleic coding sequences and proteins (Fasta sequences, multiple sequence alignments, repertoires), sorted by genotypes and proteins.
  5. Generic analysis tools for nucleotide (N) or protein (P) sequences.
  6. Specialized tools to annotate and/or genotype HBV sequence(s), or detect resistance mutations, by direct input or upload of a Pearson/Fasta file.
  7. Information about the HBVdb project, the team, the financial support and how to cite this database.
  8. Contact form to send a message to HBVdb service administrator.
  9. This help page.
  10. All the news concerning HBVdb database (update ...) and HBVdb website (new page ...)
  11. Statistics of the HBVdb database.

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